The Book of Dharma


PDF file (Not a hard copy)

A Collection of Buddhist Wisdom and Zen Secrets
Compiled and Edited by Nissim Amon

A Long time ago, in a forest monastery in eastern Thailand I met a person who claimed to have obtained a very powerful spiritual awakening experience after reading a short book.

He told me the name of it and insisted that this book could do the same for anyone and that I must give it a try. He said that all you have to do is, just not move on until you have understood each sentence. This is what he did and it worked just fine.

Keeping in mind the demanding daily schedule of the forest monks, I must say that the idea of actually attaining meaningful experiences by simply reading a book was very appealing at that time.

I have never heard about this book again and by now even its name has vanished from my memory. Many years have past since then but the idea of an “Enlightening Book” has always been in the back of my mind.

A book that can hypnotize you into a Buddha state of mind.

If by any magical way possible, a book can make a real transformation, I hope that this book will do it for you. In these pages you will hear The Buddha himself, together with his greatest successors, speaking directly to you explaining the same things he did, using their own words.

May this book change your life,
Nissim Amon.